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The ONE Thing You Need Right NOW To Meet Women


Sound like fluff? Well I assure you it isn’t.
This is the shortest, and most important list on the web.

Trust me.. I checked

and it only consists of ONE point.

THE MOST IMPORTANT key to meeting women is:

(drum roll please)……….

Being comfortable with who you are.

Oh I can see the disappointment hitting your face right now. I’m sorry… I know you were hoping I was going to give you some little page you could print out and tape to your t-shirt that would make women chase you down, and force you into their sport’s cars; but that doesn’t exist.

But if it did, you’d be the first to find out

There is no special line that will make women crazy about you, there is no special pick up line, there’s no special haircut, or anything else. It’s all about you.

Who are you?

Do you like who you are?

No, seriously, do you?

Are you comfortable being who you are?

When a woman can sense that your uncomfortable in your own skin, they aren’t going to feel attracted to you.

Just like if you saw a a woman that was forty pounds over weight with leprosy. Your not going to find her attractive. It isn’t a willful or conscious decision. It just happens. Either you feel it or you don’t.

That’s where so many guys mess up.

The woman’s not feeling attraction, so they BUY HER THINGS in hope of “wooing her”, or making her feel attracted to them.

It’s so stupid, and completely avoidable.

Next time you’ve got feelings for someone that isn’t feeling anything towards you… Don’t act on it. Leave it alone. That’s right, just drop it. Can you do it?

I think so.

And when you do, you are bettering yourself, and separating yourself from most men. Which, in itself will make you more attractive to ALL women.

Stop humiliating yourself, and grow a pair.

Wow I really got off subject…

Anyways, that’s enough for you to get the ball rolling today!

-Tristen R Royal


Fix Things Fast



I was listening to Eben Pagan,and he was talking about “Speed Of Implementation”.

That’s when you learn something, and you implement it IMMEDIATELY. Whether it’s in your personal life,relationships,business- whatever. Just do it, and see what happens.

The results can be dramatic. You will learn so much just through this one simple step.

Yesterday I wrote a post on how to get a woman’s number(with free pickup lines) in 7 easy steps. I’m sure many of the people that read that, didn’t go out and try it. So what did they gain?

…..Well not much unfortunately.. Sure you’ve gained some knowledge, and maybe a little confidence, but if your not putting this stuff into practice immediately then your not making progress, and your not getting better.

We don’t want that. We WANT you to better yourself….

Do you want to know a secret?

You can be better, and more successful TOMORROW. No joke, just do one thing..

Make SMALL improvements EVERYDAY. It doesn’t matter what it is, just find one thing about yourself, and make it better.

Start now.

Good Luck!
-Tristen R. Royal

Get ANY Woman’s Number(free pickup lines)

If your anything like I was, you either don’t have the slightest idea of how to ask a woman for her number, so you never try, or you are so terrible at it that you NEVER get any real success.

Well, the good news is, you can learn EXACTLY how to get any woman’s number, almost anywhere.. The bad news…. It’s gonna cost you 199.97$

No, not really. It’s definitely free, but it is the same kind of thing many people will charge you lots of cash for.
Does this make me a super awesome guy? I think so.

Anyways, enough with the gusto. Enjoy!

7 simple steps to any number:

1. Don’t use a pick up line(unless you use these: 5 pick up lines). Despite popular belief they are very, very ineffective.

2. Don’t think you have to say something super “cool” or unique.You really don’t, and by thinking you do you’ll put way too much pressure on yourself. Even worse, you’ll probably wind up losing your courage to talk to her. Don’t wait any longer than 3 seconds, max! When you pick your ‘target’ give yourself 2 seconds to take a few deep breaths, and then start towards her.

3. Let me tell you a story: I have a buddy who has dated more women then I, or any one I know ever will ever date. Funny thing is, he gets turned down(rejected) by hundreds(maybe thousands) more women than we do.

So what does that mean? If you do the simple task of approaching a woman, you are practically guaranteeing yourself a 50% success rate, That’s one hundred and fifty times better than your NEGATIVE -150% success rate you achieve by not approaching at all. So yes I will tell you how to DOUBLE the women in your life right now: APPROACH EVERY ATTRACTIVE WOMAN YOU SEE. The more you do this, the better you’ll get, and I PROMISE you will have more women in your life, despite anything that you believe may be holding you back. The only thing truly holding you back is fear of failure, and low self esteem. Conquer them, and you WILL be a master with women.

4. If your into blogging, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the coined phrase: Content Is King. This is very true for blogging, but very untrue for meeting women. What you say really doesn’t matter, it’s how you say it. So CONFIDENCE is king. If your confident, have great body language, and voice tonality, you’ll go very far. If you sit there and try to think of the coolest thing to say, you’ll go no where.. Except home, lonley and sad. We don’t want that..

5. Once you’ve initiated the conversation, keep it flowing. Don’t act too nice or you’ll come off as insecure and needy. Instead, pretend she’s your bratty little sister, and talk to her like that. If she gets angry, ignore her. It’s probably a test; and by ‘test’ I mean the way a woman will see if your really as confident as you act. If you fail her test, say goodbye to sweet success, and hello to lonely, pathetic desperation. Most guys mess up here by apologizing at the first sign of her being upset.

*Don’t EVER apologize, unless you have really done something very wrong.
*throw a lot of humor into the mix, it’ll spice things up nicely.

6. DON’T ASK FOR HER NUMBER. I never get very good success with: “So, do you have a number?”. That works only if she’s someone you already know or have at least met before. Instead use this:

7. After you’ve been talking for a bit, tell her your busy, and have things you need to do(it’s not lying, it’s flirting) and before you walk off ask her if she would like to “hang out sometime”. One of my friends that is a ‘natural’ taught me this one, and it comes off so casual they almost always say yes.You can then follow it up with:” Ok, what’s your number?” Then to make sure she isn’t going to ignore you when you call her, ask her if it’s a number you can get a hold of her on. If she seems hesitant tell her to forget about it, flip your phone closed, and move on with your life.

Note: Texting is more effective than calling, or emailing. Try it.

It really is that easy.The hardest part is keeping your composure, and chasing the butterflies out of your stomach.

One more thing.

Have you ever heard that old saying, “90% of success is showing up”?  That also applies with women. If you approach multiple women everyday, you’ll eventually have more women then you know what to do with. When that happens, give them my email address:

Good Luck Chuck!
-Tristen R. Royal

p.s- getting a girlfriend really isn’t that hard, but maintaining a health, stable,progressive relationship… Now that takes work. Lot’s of work… Right Joanna?


7 Simple Step’s To Get Her Back


So she left?

Yea, that’s rough…
Do you think it’s too late to get her back?

Think again! Play these simple moves on her to have her CRAWLING back to you in no time:

Why is it most guy’s don’t get their girl back? Because most guy’s do it ALL wrong. They grovel and groan. They tell her how much they love her, and miss her… But she doesn’t care. A lot of times she goes back to an abusive ex boyfriend. Don’t let that happen to you…

1. This is the first, and possibly MOST important step: Never

let her see how upset you are. If she’s see’s your upset, she’s more likely to think she can have you back whenever she wants. When women know that, they’ll dangle you like a helpless maranet until losing interest completely, and moving on.

2. I lied. This is the MOST important step. If you do only one of these steps, make it this one:

Before you talk to her again:
Make the conscious, willful decision NOT TO TAKE HER BACK for at least two weeks(although I would suggest a month); even if she comes crawling back. Punish her. Show her you are not to be played with. If you make the decision not to take her back then it’s going to help your head game. You won’t feel as helpless, because you’ll be controlling the situation, whether she knows it or not.

3. Let her know your cool with the break up. Encourage her to see other people(if she wants too) and tell her your going to do the same. Let her know that the breakup is something you’ve been thinking about doing anyways recently. (It’s not lying, it’s flirting)

4. Have fun. Go out with friends and have a good time. Do NOT use this time to go get drunk, you’ll wind up doing things that could set you back real, real bad… Like calling her while your inebriated.

5. Start seeing other women. I don’t care if you don’t want too, do it; and do it fast. The faster you do this, the faster she’ll be back in your arms. Use every available resource you have to meet women. Use the internet(social networking, and dating sites) use bar’s,club’s, and coffee shops. If you are real rusty at the whole ‘dating scene’ and aren’t sure how to meet women, I’ll give you a crash course on it by Tuesday(09/22/09)

6. Put yourself in places where your ‘EX’ is going to see you. Do this over, and over again. Preferably with different(attractive) women. When you see her, don’t act over friendly, but don’t act upset. Treat her as if she were a casual acquaintance, not someone your hopelessly in love with. If she’s with someone else, say hey, and then move on. If the girl your with is a real witch, and tries to get the four of you together politely say: “No” if she asks why, laugh it off and say your not feelin it. Don’t make it a big deal, and don’t make it awkward.

If you followed all those steps, you’ve put yourself in REAL good shape. Now you just need to give it some time. If she texts/emails/calls you, wait at least ONE DAY before getting back. Don’t EVER pick up her calls, and when you do call her back, ask her whats up, and let her know that you’ve only got a minute. Don’t talk to her for more than 90 seconds. Seriously.

If she doesn’t want you back after a solid month or two, then she probably NEVER will. Accepting that is tough(easier said than done) but if you don’t, your going to be miserable, and your going to look like a jack ass.

Don’t be the pathetic guy that cries about his lost love to everyone. Not only will you lose your girl, but you’ll push your buddies away too. If you need a couple of day’s to brood about it, that’s cool. Just stop crying after a week…

Good luck guy’s,
-Tristen R. Royal