Get ANY Woman’s Number(free pickup lines)

If your anything like I was, you either don’t have the slightest idea of how to ask a woman for her number, so you never try, or you are so terrible at it that you NEVER get any real success.

Well, the good news is, you can learn EXACTLY how to get any woman’s number, almost anywhere.. The bad news…. It’s gonna cost you 199.97$

No, not really. It’s definitely free, but it is the same kind of thing many people will charge you lots of cash for.
Does this make me a super awesome guy? I think so.

Anyways, enough with the gusto. Enjoy!

7 simple steps to any number:

1. Don’t use a pick up line(unless you use these: 5 pick up lines). Despite popular belief they are very, very ineffective.

2. Don’t think you have to say something super “cool” or unique.You really don’t, and by thinking you do you’ll put way too much pressure on yourself. Even worse, you’ll probably wind up losing your courage to talk to her. Don’t wait any longer than 3 seconds, max! When you pick your ‘target’ give yourself 2 seconds to take a few deep breaths, and then start towards her.

3. Let me tell you a story: I have a buddy who has dated more women then I, or any one I know ever will ever date. Funny thing is, he gets turned down(rejected) by hundreds(maybe thousands) more women than we do.

So what does that mean? If you do the simple task of approaching a woman, you are practically guaranteeing yourself a 50% success rate, That’s one hundred and fifty times better than your NEGATIVE -150% success rate you achieve by not approaching at all. So yes I will tell you how to DOUBLE the women in your life right now: APPROACH EVERY ATTRACTIVE WOMAN YOU SEE. The more you do this, the better you’ll get, and I PROMISE you will have more women in your life, despite anything that you believe may be holding you back. The only thing truly holding you back is fear of failure, and low self esteem. Conquer them, and you WILL be a master with women.

4. If your into blogging, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the coined phrase: Content Is King. This is very true for blogging, but very untrue for meeting women. What you say really doesn’t matter, it’s how you say it. So CONFIDENCE is king. If your confident, have great body language, and voice tonality, you’ll go very far. If you sit there and try to think of the coolest thing to say, you’ll go no where.. Except home, lonley and sad. We don’t want that..

5. Once you’ve initiated the conversation, keep it flowing. Don’t act too nice or you’ll come off as insecure and needy. Instead, pretend she’s your bratty little sister, and talk to her like that. If she gets angry, ignore her. It’s probably a test; and by ‘test’ I mean the way a woman will see if your really as confident as you act. If you fail her test, say goodbye to sweet success, and hello to lonely, pathetic desperation. Most guys mess up here by apologizing at the first sign of her being upset.

*Don’t EVER apologize, unless you have really done something very wrong.
*throw a lot of humor into the mix, it’ll spice things up nicely.

6. DON’T ASK FOR HER NUMBER. I never get very good success with: “So, do you have a number?”. That works only if she’s someone you already know or have at least met before. Instead use this:

7. After you’ve been talking for a bit, tell her your busy, and have things you need to do(it’s not lying, it’s flirting) and before you walk off ask her if she would like to “hang out sometime”. One of my friends that is a ‘natural’ taught me this one, and it comes off so casual they almost always say yes.You can then follow it up with:” Ok, what’s your number?” Then to make sure she isn’t going to ignore you when you call her, ask her if it’s a number you can get a hold of her on. If she seems hesitant tell her to forget about it, flip your phone closed, and move on with your life.

Note: Texting is more effective than calling, or emailing. Try it.

It really is that easy.The hardest part is keeping your composure, and chasing the butterflies out of your stomach.

One more thing.

Have you ever heard that old saying, “90% of success is showing up”?  That also applies with women. If you approach multiple women everyday, you’ll eventually have more women then you know what to do with. When that happens, give them my email address:

Good Luck Chuck!
-Tristen R. Royal

p.s- getting a girlfriend really isn’t that hard, but maintaining a health, stable,progressive relationship… Now that takes work. Lot’s of work… Right Joanna?



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