Fix Things Fast



I was listening to Eben Pagan,and he was talking about “Speed Of Implementation”.

That’s when you learn something, and you implement it IMMEDIATELY. Whether it’s in your personal life,relationships,business- whatever. Just do it, and see what happens.

The results can be dramatic. You will learn so much just through this one simple step.

Yesterday I wrote a post on how to get a woman’s number(with free pickup lines) in 7 easy steps. I’m sure many of the people that read that, didn’t go out and try it. So what did they gain?

…..Well not much unfortunately.. Sure you’ve gained some knowledge, and maybe a little confidence, but if your not putting this stuff into practice immediately then your not making progress, and your not getting better.

We don’t want that. We WANT you to better yourself….

Do you want to know a secret?

You can be better, and more successful TOMORROW. No joke, just do one thing..

Make SMALL improvements EVERYDAY. It doesn’t matter what it is, just find one thing about yourself, and make it better.

Start now.

Good Luck!
-Tristen R. Royal


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